Sunday, August 16, 2009


That really is my only question. Yes the economy is bad. Yes unemployment is at record highs. But, come on!

Here is what happened: I finally decided to get off my rear end and go to the gym. The kids were with their favorite babysitter, I uploaded my favorite workout songs to my ipod, put on my super cute new workout outfit and headed to the gym. I had to leave my purse in the car because I was going to have lunch with myself afterwords and I obviously needed some money to do so. After parking, I shoved my cute new purse under the seat, locked the car and went inside. A little over an hour later, after a really nice workout (it was, and I'm not even lying) I saw this:

Sad. But, true. Someone broke the passenger window, opened the door and took my purse. I do blame myself for being just so stupid to think that my purse was safe, I'm also pretty mad at myself for thinking my purse was safe.

They had a maximum window of 15 minutes (between my gym arrival time, and when mall security left the note on my window), here is what they got:

  • cute new purse (Target brand) value $24.99
  • 2 year old green patent leather wallet from my sister (Nordstrom brand) $priceless
  • $0.00 cash
  • 4 credit cards (which they proceeded to use)
  • drivers license
  • ticket stub from the 2008 New Orleans Jazz Fest
  • 5 colon bill (Costa Rican money, from my honeymoon in 1995)
  • approx $100 in gift cards

What am I most upset about you ask? My green patent leather wallet (it was the perfect wallet!), and the gift card from Williams-Sonoma that I didn't get to spend on the cute little cake stand I was going to get. Oh well, I'll get over it some day.

Thanks for listening, and for being so understanding. I am going wallet shopping, I'll let you know what I find.



I am so sorry,I had this happen to me and I know how you feel,

b.a.s.h.ful custom event kits said...

boooo! so sorry that happened to ya! but, maybe sister will buy you a brand spankin new wallet :)

Tonya Staab said...

That completely sucks and I've done the same thing before. I won't anymore though.

Katrina said...

since you shared your story I want to share mine...
passenger door UNLOCKED, and they still broke my window....
1. backpack (not worth its weight)
2. a book lent to me from a friend
3. dvd of my husband's that was a "home video" of a holiday.
4. our keys to our OTHER vehicle.

total cost for us: about $500 for new window and get new keys SPECIAL made!

total profit they made: NOTHING!