Thursday, January 15, 2009

Event Opening Invitation

front cover

as you open the invite and the inside view

And you thought I only did birthday parties.

This makes 2 down, not that many to go on my list. This is an invitation I created using photoshop and illustrator and lots and lots of emails back and forth to the museum. The American Museum of Ceramic Art that is. The have an upcoming show centered around Pre-Columbian pottery, also featuring two contemporary artists.

I feel like I really connect with all things ceramic, mostly because I had clay in my hand from infancy. My mother (director of said museum) started out as a potter (well, not started out but, well, you get the point) she threw pots for 30 years, 3 kids, a second marriage and one major hand injury. I really get a kick out of working with my mom, my most important client.

Anyway, here is the (not quite final) invitation (but close enough).

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Nancy Drew Birthday Party, Here We Come!

One down... six thousand to go. Well, maybe not quite that many.

For this invitation, I scanned the front and back of a Nancy Drew book to get color and text placement ideas. Then, I took some very silly photos of my daughter peeking around a bedroom closet doorway.

In photoshop, I tried (unsuccessfully) to give the photo a more "painterly" quality, and ended up with something not very close to what I envisioned but what I spent far less time trying to achieve. Then, using Illustrator, I created the yellow boxes, text and bar code.

Next, after a simple upload to, I will glue/tape the two 5x7 photos back to back and mail off in a nice white envelope.


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Let's Get Down to Business

I know, this photo has nothing to do with my post here, but this is
my grandma, and I've been thinking so much about her lately.

Okay people, enough with the stalling... let's get cracking!

For the next week I have a HUGE to do list:
  1. my daughter's birthday party invitations (Nancy Drew by the way)
  2. opening invitation for the American Museum of Ceramic Art's new show (starts end of Feb)
  3. designs for invitation to a preschool fundraiser
  4. menu plan for my mom's birthday brunch
  5. organize and order photos for scrapbooking weekend in Big Bear (end of Jan, woohoo!)
  6. new designs for Paper & Cake (Superbowl Party and Valentine's Day)
  7. new orders for See Jack Draw

Where do I start? I am actually a little overwhelmed at the moment. I think I need an assistant. Does anyone out there want to be my assistant? The pay sucks but the coffee is good.

So throughout the course of the next few days, I will post as many of these items as I can - let's just get this list DONE!

and thanks for letting me vent/panic/panic.