Monday, June 29, 2009

4th of July and Green Valley Lake

that's me on the left

Back in the late 70s, my parents bought a vacation fixer in Green Valley Lake. After my dad and my grandpa gutted and rebuilt the inside of this lakeside cabin, we started spending our summers up there. The photo above is of my sisters and me, c.1980 (notice our super stylish feathered hair-dos). I have one fond memory after the next I could bore you all to tears with - but since you all are so busy, I guess I'll save them for another day.

4th of July was a pretty big holiday to celebrate up there, always culminating with watching fireworks exploding over Lake Arrowhead from our lookout vantage point, miles away, at "the Rocks" (apparently the most original nickname we could come up with for an outcropping with an unencumbered view of said lake).

my sisters and me at "the Rocks" May '09

So, if the 4th of July is a big celebration in your house, how about some inexpensive but fabulous decorations to give your kids some of those memories people are always going on and on about. You can find this printable partyware collection over at the Paper & Cake Etsy shop for only $8.

And have a safe, happy, and fun filled Fourth.

shown here: cupcake wrapper and snack carton

Monday, June 22, 2009

Invitation for a Donation

I've been hard at work with my fundraising, fundraising, FUNDRAISING!

but, in this economy I am very concerned that I will not be able to make my minimum goal of
$2,500 (yes, two thousand five hundred dollars) in order to participate in the Southern California 50 Mile MS Challenge Walk. (read my story here)

I had an idea.

A few months ago, Aimée over at Under the High Chair asked if I could help her out with her son's 1st birthday party invitation. I've never met Aimée, we just started to get to know each other through our blogs (love hers!). So, I ended up making a cute invite, and she gave her son a fabulous 1st birthday party.

Then, I got an email from a reader who loved the Aimée's invite, asking if I would make an invite for her daughter. Yes, of course!

every little girl deserves a pink princess party

But this time, a stroke of brilliance! Let's swap the invitation design for a

Thus, my idea was born.

I am offering everyone an Invitation for a Donation. Here is what you will get:
  • high quality PDF emailed to you (for free) that you can print out at home
  • two invitations come on an 8.5" x 11" sheet
  • your invitation will be a 4" x 6" flat card, sized for an A6 envelope
  • invitation can be for any occasion, can also include a photograph that you send me

Here is what you can do for me:

baptism invitation for a brand new baby boy

Well, I guess that is it. Do you have any questions? Do you need an invite? email me

surfer girl party! imagine it in blue for a little boy...

And thank you in advance for your generosity.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Featured: Creative Parties & Showers

Remember this fabulous Race Car themed party I gave for my son's first birthday? Well, the lovely Shannon over at Creative Parties and Showers is featuring it over at her blog today. Yay!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Paper & Cake: A Fairy Birthday Party

cupcake wrappers

birthday girl crown

We know the birthday party sets over at Paper & Cake have been a little uneven (weighing heavily on the "boyish" side) as of late, so here is the cutest, girly-est set we could come up with! This fabulous "Fairy Wonderland Birthday" collection has so many items in the set, that we had to split it up!

the Limited Edition package, 8 items for $5:
  • 5x7 Invitation
  • thank you note + envelope
  • cupcake picks
  • standees
  • cone party hats
  • front door sign
  • penant banner
  • goody bag tags


the Special Edition package, 17 items for $8:
  • all of the above listed items, PLUS
  • birthday crown
  • paper photo frame
  • cupcake wrappers
  • favor basket
  • pinwheel craft
  • gift log
  • individual full sheet fairies
  • full sheet patterned paper

Please visit the Paper & Cake Etsy shop for your own print-at-home, DIY Fairy Wonderland birthday party collection - your little girl will thank you.

fairy standees & invitation

In my Mailbox

grande half-caf 2 pump vanilla non-fat latte, and I'm not even kidding

The real mailbox, and I am not talking about email here folks. Yesterday afternoon I received this (cute huh?) in a package from my super ultra creative step-sister Maura. This is THE COOLEST knitted coffee cup cozy I have ever seen - trust me, I've looked.

Knitted in the round, this environmentally conscious, 100% cotton yarn cozy will not only keep your coffee warm longer, but also help you look über hip as you drive off in your zero emission hybrid vehicle.


Want one? Visit Maura's Etsy shop and help save the planet one cardboard coffee cup sleeve at a time.