Friday, October 10, 2008

For the Love of Polka Dots

Sally, owner of Polka Dot Market and writer of the ever so cute Polka Dot Birthday blog, wrote the nicest post about Piece of Cake Parties! Thanks Sally.

Anyone who loves a Polka Dot will find everything they could ever dream of...

Polka Dot:
  • clothing, hats and shoes
  • party accessories
  • invitations
  • favors
  • crafts
  • games
  • you name it!


adozeneggs said...

Sorry this is unrelated to the post, but you were a runner up in the Halloween trivia giveaway. Check out today's post to see what you've won and email me the info.
I've already sent you an email that you can reply to! Congrats.

adozeneggs said...

Hey Abigail, I've sent you 2 emails so far since very early this morning.
Am I getting dumped in the spam??
You can email me at
just email your telephone number and I'll just call you, since email doesn't seem to be working!
Talk to you soon!!

Aimée said...

How cute! You're popping up all over the place!