Monday, July 21, 2008

Princess Birthday Cake

Clearly, you can tell that this was my first attempt at a "real", professional looking, made from scratch, two layer with filling cake. So please don't judge me too harshly as you laugh sitting in front of your computer screens.

This was a chocolate cake with coffee whip cream filling and pink buttercream frosting. The tiara on top is purple chocolate dusted with a little sparkly luster dust. Tasty? yes. But it took WAY TOO LONG to make. Let me list all of the things I will do differently next time (will there be a next time?)

make a list and purchase everything early - from cake boards to eggs

make two recipes at once
buy more cake pans to cook everything at the same time
cut them level

make more than one recipe at a time
make sure the consistency is correct

***I did have a really good time making this cake. My niece LOVED it, and it was perfect for her party. And for my next cake, I'm sure things will go more smoothly - everyone has to start somewhere... right?


Leslie said...

Very cute have such wonderful ideas!I wish I was that crafty! Your 1st cake is wonderful. I also did my first cake for my daughters 3rd birthday..its on my blog in June(it was the death of me!!)
Thanks for your visit to my site..rice pudding is always great w/ left over rice!
Stop by to visit anytime!!!

Clumbsy Cookie said...

Was it really your first "real" cake? I think it looks amazing, I love the color, so very perceft for a princess!

Lot-O-Choc said...

Wow this is so good!
It looks beautiful.
Really pretty, bet it was delicious too. Mm

Aimée said...

Love the color on this! Any little girl would be thrilled to have this cake. Nice work!

Krista Lucas said...

that cake is fabulous!

Leslie said...

Oh I love this cake ..very for a princess! I made a Sleeping Beauty Birthday cake for my 3 year old that nearly killed me! I posted about it way back in June! That was soooo cute what your sons said about your daughters Barbie! They are just too funny!

Saucy said...

Beautiful cake, a first attempt you say? You've got the gift.