Tuesday, May 13, 2008

"Green" Baby Shower

Knowing that I had given more than a few showers in my time, my mom friend Mary asked me today if I had any ideas for a baby shower she is putting together. The mom-to-be is very into living “green” and wanted that to be the theme for the shower. The party colors would not be your typical shades of pink or blue, but green and white.

After reading a bit about an eco-baby shower given for Sheryl Crow, I was inspired…this is what I would do:

  • Choose recycled paper or a “plantable” invitation made with handmade paper embedded with seeds
  • Let people know that it is okay, in fact preferable, that their gift is gently used
  • Encourage guests to wrap their gifts not in paper or a disposable gift bag but a receiving blanket or nursery themed fabrics
  • Buy local and buy organic!
  • Use real plates/glasses/flatware instead of paper – even if they are mismatched
  • Purchase a bolt or at least several yards of white tulle – it is quite inexpensive and can be reused as décor for almost any party (drape it over entranceways, use it as a layer of table cloth, tie it in bows around chair backs, tie it around flower vases – it will soften the look of the party perfect for a baby shower, wedding shower or even birthday party)
  • Stay away from traditional paper decorations
  • Collect glass baby food jars and use as tea lights
  • Choose new or heirloom baby toys as centerpieces
  • Use greenery from your own backyard as floral arrangements
  • Have each guest decorate a baby onsie or baby bib made of organic cotton, with organic or soy based paints
Party Favors
  • Plant little individual terra cotta herbs/plants for the guests to bring home (use them on the tables as part of the décor!)
  • Bake muffins and wrap them in a kitchen towel instead of a paper/plastic bag

Let me know how the shower turns out! And as always, shoot me an email if you need any more advice :)

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