Sunday, November 9, 2008

School Carnival ~ Cake Walk

Last Friday, my daughter's school held their annual Carnival. One of the activities scheduled was a cake walk. One of my own fondest childhood memories, is of the Cake Walk from my grammar school carnival. You can imagine how quickly I jumped at the chance to make cakes.

From deep in the unused-pan-cabinet in my kitchen I found an unused mini-bundt cake pan that was probably a wedding gift. Who knew it would finally come in handy more than 13 years later? Smart and Final supplied the box-o-cake mix (sorry, I just couldn't do from scratch this time) I did make frosting myself and used yellow and orange sprinkles from Surfas.

How did I come up with this fantastic packaging you ask? Some small colorful paper plates (which were cut into smaller circles), curling ribbon and celo bags from Alin party supply.

How many did we end up with? Well, 36 was all we could manage, but it was enough for the Carnival. The Cake Walk made a good amount of money (to send our 8th graders to Washington D.C.) but more importantly the families had such a good time!


Saucy said...

That packaging makes the cakes even more adorable, if at all possible. They look like pretty toy solidiers lined up in the fridge like that.

Aimée said...

I'd make good use of that pan.I've had my eye on one for a while. Lovely cakes!