Monday, June 29, 2009

4th of July and Green Valley Lake

that's me on the left

Back in the late 70s, my parents bought a vacation fixer in Green Valley Lake. After my dad and my grandpa gutted and rebuilt the inside of this lakeside cabin, we started spending our summers up there. The photo above is of my sisters and me, c.1980 (notice our super stylish feathered hair-dos). I have one fond memory after the next I could bore you all to tears with - but since you all are so busy, I guess I'll save them for another day.

4th of July was a pretty big holiday to celebrate up there, always culminating with watching fireworks exploding over Lake Arrowhead from our lookout vantage point, miles away, at "the Rocks" (apparently the most original nickname we could come up with for an outcropping with an unencumbered view of said lake).

my sisters and me at "the Rocks" May '09

So, if the 4th of July is a big celebration in your house, how about some inexpensive but fabulous decorations to give your kids some of those memories people are always going on and on about. You can find this printable partyware collection over at the Paper & Cake Etsy shop for only $8.

And have a safe, happy, and fun filled Fourth.

shown here: cupcake wrapper and snack carton

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