Friday, May 1, 2009

Just 2 Reasons

race car themed birthday printable partyware

Yup, here are just 2 of the million and a half things I have on my plate right now. Exciting things! Exhausting things...

First up, Paper & Cake is on FIRE right now. Crazy business right now, and I for one LOVE it. LOVE it. The blogosphere has been very kind - not just with sales - but with comments, feedback and just plain old support. I had no idea things would go this way.


Pirate-y pennant banner

Second, I've been planning/designing/decorating for my son's 4th birthday party. Captain Jack is what the kids call him, and that is exactly who he will be with his cute new pirate hat. I mean his piratical pirate hat, Arrrrrrrrgh! Thar She Blows! Ahoy ye maties.... don't be late, or ye'll walk the plank!


Anyway, stop by the Etsy shop this week - we are up to our eyeballs in super fabulous printable partyware!