Saturday, May 3, 2008

"Jungle" Birthday Party shopping list

Michael's, Joann's or any online Craft Store
  • paper to print invites on - or just use whatever you have at home
  • envelopes
  • green, brown, maroon construction paper
  • animal print ribbon - to tie the party favor bags and for misc use on the food table
  • crayons and markers - unless you already have some at home? you certainly don't need to buy new especially because kids are really hard on them
Party Supply Store
  • paper streamers - multiple shades of green
  • plates - multiple shades of green
  • napkins - multiple shades of green
  • plastic cutlery - clear, leftovers can be used at your next party
  • plastic cups - clear, leftovers can be used at your next party
  • cellophane party favor bags - look for some with green stripes or an animal print
  • roll of butcher paper - can be brown kraft or white
  • something to put the cake on - cake board of cardboard or plastic
Party Rental Store
  • tables - do you need kid size as well as grown up?
  • chairs - do you need kid size as well as grown up?
  • green cloth table cloths
Grocery Store
  • cake mix - find some on sale and buy 4 boxes, you'll need enough for cupcakes too - remember, these have a long shelf life and buying extra will save you if/when you make a mistake (trust me) OPTION FOR A BIG PARTY: make the giraffe a double layer cake
  • 3 cans of white frosting - (extra is always a good idea) for the giraffe and cupcakes
  • food coloring - yellow/orange for giraffe body
  • chocolate jimmies
  • frosting in a tube (brown and green) - to trace the features of the giraffe and for the leaf shapes on the cupcakes... you can also use a pastry bag with a tip or I've seen icing syringes or plastic kits right there in the baking aisle at the market
  • make sure you have eggs and oil for the cake
  • EASY OPTION FOR THE CAKE - buy a plain, no frosting, 9x12 sheet cake from the grocery bakery and while you are at it get a dozen cupcakes as well.

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My Sweet & Saucy said...

What a fun cake! It turned out perfect...great carving!